Caylee Anthony

Caylee Anthony

Friday, June 13, 2014

Nicole Garcia book links

Hey everyone! Today's blog will feature the book links for Nicole Garcia's books! Get yours today and Happy Reading!!!

Saving Private Blue
Savannah St. Claire grew up in a town where she was constantly bullied. Her only friends were brothers Billy and Travis. The three of them were inseparable.
  Billy Blue joined the Army when he turned eighteen and was deployed to Afghanistan soon after. Four years later Billy returns home and things are forever changed for this man who heroically fought for his country. He not only has to overcome his physical limitations, but he must confron...t his feelings for Savannah. With his confidence broken he comes to the realization that there could be no way she would ever love him enough to look past the scars he possesses both inside and out.
  What happens when two brothers love the same woman? Can broken hearts be mended? Will true love prevail above all else?

Noelle's Wish
****FREE****Noelle Andrews has had an abusive past and another bittersweet Christmas is here. Noelle’s wish is a simple one. To be loved. To Noelle that wish is as unattainable as the stars in the cold winter sky. Roman Parker is young, sexy, and an entrepreneur. The CEO of Parker Industries is a man who thought he had everything he wanted. That was until he met Noelle. Can Roman make Noelle’s dreams come true? Or will her past prevent her from having the only thing she has ever wished for?  Show more  Show less

Cupid's Heart
Cupid sat on a cloud looking down on Valentina Hart. He had been watching her
for a few years now. He was in love from the first time he laid eyes on her
sitting on a park bench. Her long red hair sweeping across her face as the warm
summer breeze blew. He knew then she was meant for him. The only problem was
that, he was a God and she was a human. The two of them could never be together.
This wasn’t a law amongst the Gods, it was Cupid’s choice and the number one
rule in his book. It was a rule that could never be broken. Humans were frail,
mortal, and being in love with one caused too many problematic situations. Sure
he could just shoot her with a golden arrow and she would love him. But after
his last disastrous mistake for which he never forgave himself, he thought he
deserved to be alone for the rest of eternity.
What happens when the God of Love has lost the will to create romance?
Can Valentina give Cupid what heneeds to mend his broken heart?

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