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Caylee Anthony

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kelly Hashway interview

Today I am honored to showcase an amazing author. Kelly Hashway is a YA author. I've featured some of her books on the blog already.  Today I will be featuring her newest book The Monster Within, and sharing an interview with Kelly as well.  The interview is part of Kelly's blog tour.

Kelly Hashway
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THE MONSTER WITHIN, Spencer Hill Press, 6/17/14 Pre-order on Amazon or B&N
INTO THE FIRE, Month9Books/Swoon Romance, 9/16/14

For starters I want to reveal the fifth teaser for The monster Within. This book sounds amazing and I can't wait to read it!!!

Book info:
Title: The Monster Within
Author: Kelly Hashway
Publication date: June 17, 2014

The book is due for release in one week. Be sure and get your copy!!

And now we move on to an interview with a lady who is not only a talented author, but also an amazing friend.

Cassandra Jones: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Kelly Hashway: I can remember writing in elementary school. I've always had my nose in a book so writing was just a natural progression from that love of reading. Still, I was a chicken when it came to making writing a career. While I majored in English, I went the education route at first. It wasn't until my daughter was born in 2007 that I decided I should write for a living. At that point I went back to school and focused on writing.

CJ:  Where do you draw inspiration for your novels from?

KH: I find inspiration just about everywhere. Sometimes research for one book will spark an idea for another, which is how The Monster Within came to me. Other times I'll have a strange dream that I think would make a good story. I've even gotten ideas from things people say in conversation. I think you can find inspiration all over the place if you're willing to tune in to it.

CJ: When writing do you listen to music, or prefer the quiet?

KH: I like to listen to music before I write to inspire me and then have quiet while I'm writing. If there's music on, I'll sing along and that doesn't work well when I'm writing. ;)

CJ: )What made you decide to write YA books?

KH: I might be one of those rare people who loved her teen years. I had great friends, a great boyfriend, and loving parents. Of course my characters' lives are never that perfect, but I really love going back and reliving those years through the stories and characters I create.

CJ: Are there any authors who inspire you?

KH: Rick Riordan is my idol. The man is amazing from the way he writes action scenes to his awesome opening lines. I also love Becca Fitzpatrick. Her Hush, Hush series was incredible. I devoured her books.

CJ: Is there any advice you would give to aspiring writers?

KH:  Read and write every day. Reading is the best and most fun way to improve your craft. And even if you only have time to write a paragraph, exercise those writing muscles each day. The more you write, the better you get.

Thank you Kelly for taking the time to join me on my blog!!!! I enjoyed talking to you and as always it was loads of fun!!!! Congrats on the release of your new book!!!

And that's it for this time my friends. I hope everyone can get their hands on a copy of this book and Happy Reading all!!!!!

Cassandra :)


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