Caylee Anthony

Caylee Anthony

Saturday, August 23, 2014

What Are Writers Without Readers?

Today I thought I would post a little about how life has been for me. Things have been a kind of roller coaster ride as of late.Good and bad things, ups and downs, and how have I handled all the craziness??? You guessed it, by writing. I finished my very first novel, which is now in the editing stages, and will hopefully go to the publishing stage sometime in the near future. I have written loads of poetry in the hopes of getting together a poetry book.Several short stories are in the works and may be included in an anthology at a later date.
 I've been thinking about how us writers would survive without our loyal readers. What are writers, without readers? They are only telling their stories for themselves (and there's no fun in that!).
  Writing for me has always been something that just came naturally. I've never had any problems getting the creative juices flowing. That's one of my favorite things about having a blog. It shows my creativity to others. I love to hear how other writers and readers feel about the things I write. I love getting feedback, advice, and constructive criticism. And it helps when they can be brutally honest in their criticism. 
 I am always looking for ways to improve on my writing. Perfecting my craft brings me so much joy.  I hope that readers can relate to what I say in my poetry and can enjoy my novels. I hope they can fall in love with the stories and the characters. 
  Let's face it, without readers, we would be nothing. If we didn't have someone to read our work, who would we be writing for? Pretty much ourselves, and then we would never get anywhere in our careers. Without a reader following we wouldn't get our work out in the world because no one would want to support some unknown writer who may, or may not, be good at what they do. Without readers there would be no one to even pick up our books and read them. (Or in this day and age, give them a chance on their e-readers) As a writer (and a reader) I for one am honored to read other writers' work. I love to get lost in their stories and  fall in love with their characters.
   I am a very happy reader, as we all should be!!!!! (And a happy writer too!!)


  1. I love my readers because they allow me to do what I both need and want to do—write. :)


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