Caylee Anthony

Caylee Anthony

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Making Your Villain More Evil

Hi ya'll! Today on the blog I am going to be sharing with you some ways to make your villain even more evil. Since I have struggled with this one myself, I thought I could let you in on some of the things I've learned during my research.
 If you are a member of any writing group, ask them for advice on how to get the perfect amount of evil from your bad guy. They may have some great tips for you, like this one from author Carley Fisher:
           For my villains, I like to make them seem like normal people, people who wouldn't cause immediate fear, but then they commit heinous acts. Lure the victims in and then unleash the scary.

You can also read about serial killers and criminals to get an idea of what an evil character should be like. For instance Jack The Ripper, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, you could search them up and see what crimes they committed. See if you can find the reasons behind the horrific acts they committed.

You need to make your character seem like any other normal person you write about. Even though you are creating a sadistic person, he is still human. You want your character to have at least one lovable trait that will make your readers empathize with them, even if they are so evil that they would make Hannibal Lecter look like a soft, fuzzy kitty.
 How can you do this? Simple, ask yourself what made him like this? What caused him to be the way he is? Abuse from someone in his past?Did someone betray his trust? What does your antagonist fear most? Create a backstory for your villain.
Some antagonists are almost mirror images of the hero. They both have the same gifts that they use in entirely different ways. Or they can be complete opposites. Then there are your antagonists who are pure manifestations of evil. The Joker is the type of character a reader can love to hate.
With my first novel, I have struggled with making my villain more evil. I do feel that he is bad in some ways. He has been in and out of trouble with the law since a young age. He even committed some very heinous acts as a child. Still, I feel there is something else missing. I feel that he's not "bad"enough". As I go through and reread the chapters where this character is doing his so called criminal activity, I think to myself... what else has he done? Was there a reason behind his doing this certain act of violence?And what made him want to be evil in the first place?
As I said before, writing groups are a great place to get help with this problem. You can also use Google or Pinterest, or maybe you can talk to police officers or judges. You could even binge watch shows like Criminal Minds or Law and Order. The possibilities are endless when it comes to ways to help figure out your bad guy.
 I hope you have found this post to be helpful. Keep creating those villains and happy writing!!! Until next time... LATER DAYS!!!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dirtiest Little secret Blog Tour

Book Blurb:

She is his fantasy…

Ava Jennings has spent her life dedicated to her family’s steel business. So when she catches her fiancĂ© engaging in extracurricular activities under his desk with a coworker, Ava fires him on the spot. With her self-esteem at an all-time low, Ava throws caution to the wind and heads to a well-known, wild biker bar. She’s determined to prove she’s capable of the spontaneous, wicked-hot sex her fiancĂ© was searching for outside their relationship. And she finds all that and more in a rugged, edgy motorcycle mechanic, the one man in the bar who eclipses all the others.

He’s her dirtiest little secret…

Isaac Banks doesn’t talk to members of the Steel Warriors motorcycle club about his painful past. All they know is he’s the best bike mechanic in the state, which is exactly how he likes it. Ava doesn’t recognize him as the awkward kid who used to spend Sunday nights at her dinner table with their families, but she’s sure interested in the man she thinks he is now. She’s from the world he left behind, and he knows he should walk away—but it’s impossible to say no to the woman who starred in all his adolescent fantasies. All he wants is one night to get her out of his system. Because there was no way she could live up to his dreams.

But he’s wrong. One night will never be enough.

Purchase link:

Excerpt #1

“I’m going to say good-bye to my friends,” Isaac told her, his voice low, slow, and deliberate, “and walk out to my bike. I won’t wait more than five minutes. But before you follow, let me tell you exactly what you’ll get if you do.”

Ava’s heart pounded hard in her ears. At this point, she wanted everything he’d give. She was already so out of her comfort zone, she might as well go all the way. How often would this moment come again?

“I’m listening,” she told him.

“I will push your every limit. I’ll fuck you in ways you never dared. Next week, you’ll still see shadows of the bruises and bite marks I leave on you tonight.”

Her mouth dried up.

“I’ll take you places you’ve never even dreamed of going. I’ll fuck you in ways you’ve never dreamed, and you’ll love every minute. I’ll make you whimper, scream, and beg.”

His words quickened her heart. Her sex felt full and hot and wet. She pulled in a stuttering breath and licked her lips, trying to play it cool. “Someone has a high opinion of himself.”

“And there will be none of that. No mouthy backtalk. No attitude. No bullshit. Just raw fucking. The only thing you’ll be using your mouth for is to scream in pleasure or suck my cock. On your knees. In the dirt.”

Her insides trembled. The picture he painted was terrifying and thrilling at the same time. She’d always believed that fear was a precursor to greatness, the subconscious recognizing what the conscious mind denied. And everything in her gut screamed Yes!

“You’ll never feel so used or so satisfied, and I’ll leave you begging for more.”

He took a step away, creating a buzz of panic in her gut.

“Five minutes,” he said. “Not a second more.”

Author Bio:

Skye’s New York Times bestselling novels are all about enjoying that little wild streak we all have, but probably don’t let out often enough. About those fantasies we usually don’t get the opportunity to indulge. About stretching limits, checking out the dark side, playing naughty and maybe even acting a little wicked. They’re about escape and fun and pleasure and romance. And, yes, even love, because Skye is ultimately a romantic at heart and a happily ever after kinda gal. Skye also writes romantic suspense as Joan Swan, weaving fast paced novels of passion, danger and suspense.

Skye is a California native recently transplanted to the East Coast and living in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside Washington DC with her husband of 25 years. She has two grown daughters in college in Colorado and Oregon. In her free time she loves rowing on the Potomac. She's always learning, attending courses and seminars in art and history and cooking.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Fiction Cafe - Writer's Group Prompt -First Line Friday

 Hi all! Here is my short story for the September 1, 2017 First Line Friday writing prompt. Enjoy and let me know what ya'll think.

       "The Attack"

He stared hard at the table as he tried to recall his attacker. The pain in his head was unbearable. He had already taken some aspirin, it had done nothing to help the headache, or his bad mood. He just wanted the nightmare to be over.
The police officer standing across from him was getting restless. They had been in this room for the last two hours. He just couldn't seem to recall anything about this whack job. The guy had jumped him in a dimly lit alley.
Nate looked at his hands on the table. They were covered in scratches. The knuckles on his right hand were busted open from trying to fight back. He had a knot on the back of his head from being rammed into a wall.
“Do you remember anything about the attack at all?” The officer leaned against the wall.
“Not much.” Nate confessed. “It was almost dark in that alley.”
“Why did you go through a dark alley anyway?” He crossed his arms over his chest.
“Because I live a couple streets from there.” Nate shook his head. “I was trying to get home quicker.”
What was with Officer Attitude? Did he think Nate deserved what had happened? How would he feel if he had been attacked?
“Why go through the alley though?” The officer started pacing back and forth.  You could have walked on the street like everyone else.”
“It comes out next to my apartment building.” Nate sighed. “I was in a hurry.”
“A hurry for what? Were you involved in a drug deal or something along those lines?”
Seriously? That's where he was going with this? That was crazy. Nate didn't do drugs and he didn't allow them in his apartment. He didn't have a clue why he was attacked. He knew it wasn't for anything like that.
Nate took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. He just wanted to go home and see his wife and daughter. He wanted a hot shower, and some sleep. Instead he was stuck here at the police station being treated like a common criminal.
“No.” Nate raked a hand through his hair, the action making his head hurt worse. “I was going to see my daughter. Today's her birthday and I had to work late.”
“So, you're not involved in anything shady?”
“Of course not.” Nate started to stand up. “Can I go now?”
“Yes, but I'll be in touch. Let me know if you remember anything.”

Nate walked into his apartment building fifteen minutes later. He wasn't ready to see the look on his wife's face when she saw him. She worried that they lived in a bad neighborhood.
He went down the hall to his apartment and froze? Why was the door open? He felt the fear creep up his spine. His pace quickened as he got closer.
He took a deep breath, stepping inside. The place was a mess. Furniture was overturned and pictures were on the floor. He started into the living room when he saw them.
 His wife was sitting on the sofa, holding their daughter. One of his neighbors was with them.
“Lisa, what's going on?” He walked over to them.
“Nate?” She looked at him, the fear in her eyes. “Someone broke in. What happened to you?”
“I'm fine.” Nate kissed her cheek. “Are you?”
Lisa shook her head. His daughter looked at him. He was sure Hayley would remember this birthday for a long time.
“Did they take anything?” Nate picked Hayley up, sitting next to Lisa.
“No, but they left this.” She handed him a piece of paper.
Nate read it in disbelief. What on earth was going on here? What had his brother done?
“Why are they saying they want your brother?” Lisa chewed her lip. “What did he do this time?”
“I don't know.” Nate confessed.
He had no idea what his kid brother had done this time. Luke had always been in and out of trouble. Nate was always getting him out of whatever mess he was in. He hadn't talked to him in a couple weeks. That gave him time to do something really stupid.
“I'm calling him.” Nate grabbed the phone.
“Nate, you have to get him to stop this.” Lisa wiped her tears away. “That note says they'll be back.”
What it actually said was if Luke didn't cooperate his brother would be dead, along with his family. Nate had to stop that from happening, somehow.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fiction Cafe - Writng Prompt Challenge

Here is my poem for August 23rd's writing prompt in the Facebook group The Fiction Cafe - Writer's Group.

"Top Of The World"

Got knocked down again,
felt lower than I've ever been.
Longing to belong,
singing a sad song.
A dark time needing to see the light,
no end to the torment in sight.
Where do I go?
Things are moving to slow.
I need to get away from it all,
to a place where I can stand tall.
I struggle to make it all better,
writing another tear stained letter.
Sick of crying late into the night,
it's time to rise up and fight.
I refuse to let them bring me down,
taking my life back I get off the ground.
On top of the world is where I'll stand tall,
nothing they do will make me fall

My favorite books

  • Rebels At The Gate
  • The Father Factor
  • Jacob's Girls
  • James Patterson's Books
  • A Seperate Peace
  • The Pearl
  • A Christmas Carol
  • The Hunt For Hawke's Daughter
  • Charlotte's Web
  • A Child Called "IT"
  • Sugar Baby

My Favorite Authors

  • Janie King Crouch
  • Elizabeth Heiter
  • Lynn Rush
  • Kelly Hashway
  • Langston Hughes
  • John Knowles
  • John Stienbeck
  • Charles Dickens
  • Max Lucado
  • James Patterson
  • Jean Barrett
  • Karen Young

My Favorite Movies

  • Kickin It Old Skool
  • Meet The Robinsons
  • My Girl
  • 30 Days of Night
  • Free Willy
  • Beauty and the Beast