Caylee Anthony

Caylee Anthony

Friday, February 23, 2024

What Am I Currently Working On?

 Hi everyone! I have been super busy trying to get things done. I am currently working on character profiles and updating the website. I have also been going through stories that were previously in anthologies. Now that I have the rights back to them I have been planning to make some (if not all) of them longer. It has taken time to go through and remember exactly what they were about lol. I know I was supposed to post sooner on here, but have been fighting earaches again. If they aren't better in the next couple of days I will be making a trip to the dr. I'm hoping that doesn't happen since it will be time I have to spend away from home. I won't get anything done sitting in the ER.  (Except maybe some reading)

I have also been working on promo posts for all of my stories that are still published and The Hunt For Amanda. I just got a notebook to keep my notes in for the Four States History book. This way I can keep everything in one place instead of having to go through all these different places to get the information I need. I want it all at my fingertips when I get ready to start writing the book. 

For now it's time to get things done. Until next time... Happy Writing!!!

PS. Here are the first stories I will be making longer.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Book Reviews of 2024 Part 1

 I know I'm a little behind on posting these reviews since I have already written 14 so far. I am going to try to do them once a week or every two weeks so you won't have to check them all out at one time. 

First up is Ghostly Rites Anthology 2023 (this is not for my story in the anthology). I am also planning to review each story/poem individually. 

Another wonderful installment in the Ghostly Rites series of anthologies. I enjoyed all of the stories and poems in this book.

Second we have The Perfect Witness by Katie Mettner. (There will be two more from this series as well.)

Book Two in the Secure One series. This book grabbed my attention from the first sentence and never let up. I loved Cal and Marlise's story! They were wonderful characters and I couldn't wait to see what happened next. With lots of action and twists this book will keep you on your toes!

Next up is Baby Bootcamp by Mallory Kane

A wonderful addition to this series! I loved Matt and Faith's story! Full of action and surprises this is an amazing story!!! The Characters were terrific and the plot kept me intrigued throughout the book. A great book!!!

After that was Resisting The Spark by Elizabella Baker

Oh my goodness! This book was an absolutely perfect addition to the series! I loved everything about this story! Liam and Addison are wonderful characters who fit perfectly with the rest of the group. A terrific story that will leave you wanting more. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book!

And then it's Hunting Kendra by (you guessed it ;) ) Elizabella Baker

Another excellent story in this series! Kendra and Jaxson are characters you can relate to who have done their best to overcome their past lives. A fast-paced read with lots of surprise twists and plenty of action. I loved everything about this book!

Remembering To Be Thankful by K.D. Hilt. 

A quick read that will leave you wanting to know more about Ryder and Makayla's journey. I enjoyed this story and can't wait to see what happens next.

And now we have On Writing by Stephen King. 

I enjoyed this book so much! Not only is the writing advice helpful, the personal stories were a great touch. I absolutely love this book!!!

Next is a classic from my childhood. Win One For Bumblelion by Mel Gilden. (I always loved The Wuzzles!)

I always loved this cartoon and reading this book brother back a lot of childhood memories. A wonderful story that any kid will love! Win One for Bumblelion teaches you to never give up.

After that I read The Jewel of The Wasted Glades by W.A. Ashes

I loved Jules' story! This is an amazing book!!! Jules, Michael and all the others are terrific characters. I can't to see what happens next!!

Now we have The Comeback Heir by Janice Maynard

This book had me hooked from beginning to end. I loved Wynn and Felicity's story! They were wonderful characters and the story was well-written and I enjoyed reading it.

Another book from the Secure One series by Katie Mettner is The Red River Slayer

Another gripping addition to the Secure One series. I loved Mack and Charlotte! An edge-of your seat thrill ride you won't be able to put down!!

Red Hot Murder was the first book I red by Michelle Pariza Wacek

This was a cozy mystery with a lot of surprise twists. I definitely didn't see that ending coming. I loved Charlie! She was such a wonderful character. The story was amazing and kept me wanting to read even more!

A Place To Hide by Debra Webb is another installment in The Lookout Mountain series.

An excellent addition to this series! I absolutely loved the surprise twists at the end of the story! Grace and Rob are terrific characters and Liam gives the story the perfect tale. A wonderful story that will grab hold and never let up!!

And last, but certainly not least we have Book One in The Secure One series Going Rogue In Red Rye County by Katie Mettner

An amazing start to an amazing series!!! I loved every second of this book! Suspenseful and full of twists that will shock you. Mina and Roman's story is terrific!!!

Until next time... Happy Reading!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Writing Update Of The Week

 Hi ya'll! How is everyone doing? Just dropping in to post an update about my writing. I finished writing The Seventh Woman that I will be sending you to an anthology in June. I just have to read through it and make sure everything looks like. Still have plenty of time for that. I have also written more on With Deadly Intent. I am loving how it's turning out. 

I still need to get started on some poetry and more research for my Four States book. It is taking time to go through the group and write everything down. I started that group to get the history of my hometown. I never expected it to grow as much as it has. There have been so many people who have shared stories with me. I have to make sure I have them all in one place lol. 

I have most of the stories for the six haunted paths plotted out and characters named. Just have to start writing them. The first one will be called Echoes of Madness and takes place in an abandoned asylum. I also have a few others to write for anthologies. 

The Hunt For Amanda is fully edited and ready to be published ASAP. Have a few other things to take care of first. I can't wait to get it out in the world. I will always be proud of that story. 

I am planning to do another blog post, probably Friday to get started on those book reviews. I am up to 13 books read out of 100 for my yearly goal. Not too bad so far.  Until next time I need to get something more productive done. Whether that's editing, writing, working on the website, or making teasers, not sure yet. LOL Enjoy your evening and Happy Writing!!!

Monday, February 5, 2024

What Do I have planned for future blog posts?

 What's going to happen with the blog in the upcoming months? I am working on some changes that I hope will keep people interested. I want to start by posting character profiles on here and on my website. I think that would help readers to know more about the characters when they read the books. I will hopefully get that started within the next week or so. I am also going to start author interviews back up. I have a few saved in my email that will be posted first. Then I'll ask more authors if they want to participate? 

I am also thinking about posts from  guest bloggers/other authors who might want to share their stories with us. Of course, I am still going to post book reviews. I definitely need to catch up on that since I have read 10 books already this year.

I have been busy with making promo posts, plotting stories, making covers and teasers, and reading through The Hunt For Amanda and doing edits. And of course reading and writing. I just feel that I need to do more with the blog since I let it go for a while due to life taking over. 

I will be thinking of other things I can post about as well. But for now, it's time to get back to work. Later Days!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Getting Back To The Grindstone

 My first blog post for 2024 is a little late in coming due to the ickiness taking over the house. Everyone has been done with one thing or another. Now that things are getting back to normal I have been catching up on things.

My story Twisted Angel was accepted for the Vixens of Horror Anthology. It will be released in March. I have been trying to get some promo posts for it done. 

I am also working on another story for an anthology called Malice. It's my favorite genre to write too, Crime Fiction. The story is called The Seventh Woman. It's not due until June so I still have plenty of time to get it done.

Yesterday was spent doing edits on The Hunt For Amanda and working on a cover for it. I am having fun with that story.

I am also working on With Deadly Intent, book four in The Blakes series. It's coming along great!

What else is on the agenda for my writing life? A clown story for a challenge called Clown Off. A couple of stories for future anthologies still in the plotting stages, 6 stories about haunted paths, poetry in memory of loved ones, and From Annabelle to Four States. (The book about my hometown)

I have also been getting a lot of reading done this week too. Three books in four days isn't bad. (Reviews coming soon)

I am having fun making author logos as well. It's fun to play around with it. I am working on book covers as well. It gives me something else to do with my spare time.

Well I guess I should get back to work lol. Have a wonderful evening and Later Days!!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Book Reviews of 2023 Part 7

 Now for the final installment of my book reviews from 2023. I managed to read 61 books so not a bad year. This year I am going to try for 100. Without further ado...

Book one is The Bumbling Bumblebee By Rebecca Atanassova

Another cute book! I love these books!

Second up we have The Trouble With Bubbles by Rebecca Atanassova

A very adorable story that any bubble chasers would love!

Third book is also by Rebecca Atanassova and it's called Flutter by, Butterfly

A really cute book that any child will love.

Fourth book this round is A Hamilton Christmas by Sheila Kell

The final installment in the HIS series. As a fan of this series I am very sad to see the end, but it was most definitely an amazing series. I enjoyed every story and they only got better as they went along. One of the things I loved most about this book was that it included Reagan's POV. It was such a joy to see how this little girl saw things. An amazing book!!! This is definitely a favorite series of mine.

The Christmas Bet by Heatherly Bell is up next

This was a quick, fun read. I can't wait to read more of this series. I loved Ty and Mandy's story, even though it was short. It was definitely worth the read. I absolutely loved it!

After that we have A Companion For Christmas by Lee Tobin McClain

An absolutely amazingly, written story! I could not stop reading this book once ai started. An inspirational story that will help you see that your past does not have to define your future. It's a wonderful story with characters you can fall in love with. Add in a terrific dog and a sweet little girl and it's a story you can't wait to read more of!!!

Twisted Santa by Annie Charme is up now.

This was a quick holiday read, but one I absolutely loved! Nick and Joy are wonderful characters and Theo is pretty awesome. Nick and Joy's story is one of learning to love again and overcoming the sadness of the past. Can they work together to save the toy shop? You'll have to read the story to find out!

And then we have Dog Days of Christmas by Elle James

Kujo and Molly's story is another addition to the Brotherhood Protectors series of book. Along with Six they decide to take a week long vacation when Six suddenly disappears. Can they find their canine friend before something bad happens to him? A terrific story with amazing characters make this book worth the read. I am quickly becoming a huge fan of this series.

Next is the classic Benji's First Holiday by Mary Tillworth

This was a quick, fun read. I have always loved Benji! This book was wonderful and anyone, no matter their age can enjoy it.

And next to last we have another installment to my all time favorite series A Silver Creek Christmas by Delores Fossen

While this is a short story from the Silver Creek series, it's just as amazing as the rest of the stories. There is plenty of action packed into this story. Joe and Sara's story is wonderful!

My final book for the year was A Homemade Holiday by K.D. Hilt

A sweet story about overcoming the tragedy of losing loved ones. I loved everything about this story! Ryder and Makayla are terrific characters. I am excited to read more of these stories!!

I hope you have enjoyed my reviews for the year. I plan to post the ones I do this year as well. Until next time... Happy Reading!

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Book Reviews of 2023 Part 6

 This will be the next to the last book review update for the year. I was only going to do one more post, but that's a lot of books lol. So here's some of the list. There's a few children's books as well. 

First up we have I Need A New Butt! by Dawn McMillan

A fun little book for kids

Next up is a story I have loved for a long time. Madeline in London by Ludwig Bemelmas

I have always loved these stories. A classic for children of all ages!

Third we have The Island of Dr. Moreau by HG Wells

The Island of Dr Moreau, a classic science fiction story with horror elements. Told from the perspective of a man who happened upon the island after being saved from the sea. Once there he stumbles upon the work of the strange Dr. Moreau who has used his scientific knowledge to create his Beast People.

This story was well written and has wonderful imagery describing these people created by the doctor. It is a definite classic and is perfect to read for spooky season or any time of the year.

Fourth is Infinite Dreams by Raja Savage

The Brighton High Reunion series is a definite must read collection of stories. I have loved every single one of them.

Infinite Dreams was a wonderful story! I was in Skotlin's corner through the whole book. Thaddeus and Skotlin are characters anyone can relate to. And Tiara is such a terrific addition to the story! This book has some unexpected twists I didn't expect to see, but I loved being surprised and shocked. This was an amazing addition to this series!!!!

After that we have Suicide Forest by Jeremy Bates

This is was an interesting story full of twists I never expected. I enjoyed reading it. I was definitely rallying for Ethan and Mel and their friends. A terrific story!

Next on our list is the Icy Fingers Anthology (yes, it has one of my stories, but this is a review for all of the other stories in the book)

This anthology was a definite spookfest. With stories ranging from a haunted summer and a possessed doll, to an abandoned bridge and witches. It has everything a horror fan can sink their teeth into. I enjoyed all of the stories in this book. A great book for the spooky season!

Up now is Resolute Investigation by Leslie Marshman

I loved this book! This is second of the series I have read and it was as good as the first one. Adam Reed had always had a crush on Rachel Miller. Now he has a second chance to tell her how he really feels. First they have to stop the person who is after Rachel. Adam and Rachel were wonderful characters. The story was intriguing and fast-paced, keeping you on the edge of yours seat. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

Next to last for this round is Dream Big by Tina Hogan Grant

Dream Big, the final book of the Sabela Series brings together all your favorite characters from the series along with Dwayne and Tammy from the Tammy Mellows trilogy.
Slater and Sabela finally have a chance to go on their honeymoon, but once on the island Sabela ends up at the hospital. Dwayne and Tammy are there to help them and it's the start of a brand new friendship. Then they receive bad news from home and have to end the honeymoon early.
Slater starts to dream Big about moving to the island with his family. Sabela keeps herself more grounded and reminds him that is probably not possible.
With new friends who quickly become family Sabela and Slater are faced with the biggest decision of their lives.
An amazing end to a terrific series! I'm sad to see it end, but it ended in a big way. Slater and Sabela remind everyone to never give up on your dreams. Nothing is out of your reach if you dream big enough!

Now for the final book this time around we have Flirting With Temptation by Elizabella Baker

Book 2 in The Blackguard Security: Phantom series did not disappoint! Fast-paced, action packed story that proves opposites attract. Another amazing installment to what is shaping up to be a terrific series!
Chance and Maddox are complete opposites. They should drive one another crazy, do they? You'll have to read the book and find out!

As I said there will be one more post for reviews once I finish reading for the year. It might be posted on January 1st. Until next time... Happy Reading!!!

My favorite books

  • Rebels At The Gate
  • The Father Factor
  • Jacob's Girls
  • James Patterson's Books
  • A Seperate Peace
  • The Pearl
  • A Christmas Carol
  • The Hunt For Hawke's Daughter
  • Charlotte's Web
  • A Child Called "IT"
  • Sugar Baby

My Favorite Authors

  • Janie King Crouch
  • Elizabeth Heiter
  • Lynn Rush
  • Kelly Hashway
  • Langston Hughes
  • John Knowles
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  • Charles Dickens
  • Max Lucado
  • James Patterson
  • Jean Barrett
  • Karen Young

My Favorite Movies

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